Impact Lives Ministry

Putting smiles on children's faces in the worst and darkest places.

The Vision of Impact Lives Ministry

Impacting lives of kids and teenagers with a less privileged background

Impact Lives Ministry's heart beats for children and teenagers who live in forgotten places and it is a platform for kids where they can simply BE CHILDREN. We believe that children are the key for transformation and revival in generations to come. We are convinced that if you change a child you change a whole society.

Our Strategy

  • We meet with these kids and teens regularly to build relationships by spending time with them, playing games and simply loving them.
  • We help them grow spiritually by teaching them more about Jesus and disciplining them to become young men and women after God's heart.
  • We empower them personally by passing on values and norms and also by helping them in their academics.
  • Then we go out to serve the community by sharing with our neighbours what we have learned in our Impact Lives Ministry meetings to impact others.