Impact Lives Ministry

Putting smiles on children's faces in the worst and darkest places.

Support Us

Every month we experience miracles from God as we keep reaching out to our kids and teenagers continuously. If you want to be part of us as you support us in prayer and finances, we would be very grateful.

Our monthly costs are listed below. We appreciate every little support because the tiniest Cedi, Kenyan Shilling, Euro… helps enormously already.

Monthly Expenses:

ILM Kenya

Our missions base in Kenya is reaching out to about 200 children and teenagers every week.

Ministry Material: 500 KSh = 4.60 EUR
Food and snacks: 2000 KSh = 18.50 EUR
Games: 2500 KSh = 23.15 EUR
Other costs:1000 KSh = 9,25 EUR
Transportation: 500 KSh = 4.60 EUR

Total: 60.10 EUR a month

ILM Ghana

Our missions base in Ghana is reaching out to about 40 children and teenagers every week.

Ministry material:10 Ghana Cedis = 3 EUR
Food and snacks: 60 Ghana Cedis = 16 EUR
Transportation: approx.10 Ghana Cedis = 3 EUR

Total: 22 EUR a month

Additional costs:
Rent: 200 Ghana Cedis (twice a year) = 50 EUR
Excursions: approx. 150 Ghana Cedis (occasionally) = 32 EUR