Impact Lives Ministry

Putting smiles on children's faces in the worst and darkest places.

About Impact Lives Ministry

Impact Lives Ministry was founded in April 2013 in Ghana.

How did it start?

Sabine served from 2011 until 2013 as a full time Missionary in Accra, Ghana, with an organization called Pais Project. At the end of her second year of Pais she asked God: “God, what can I still do in my last few months that I have left in Ghana?” God heard her prayer and gave her a vision: She saw many children who were just hanging around on that street, wearing no shoes, sitting around and it seemed that they were wasting their potential unwillingly. The thought that these children would waste their potential so dearly became a strong burden to her heart, hence, she decided to do something against it. Her idea was to simply put a smile on these children´s faces.

At this time she was also mentoring and discipling her friend Mary Kotey. Sabine dragged Mary to a marketplace along to meet these children that God put on her heart. All they did was calling them and asking if they wanted to play some games and to sing some songs together. Immediately, there were about 60 kids. The fellowship was so beautiful that Mary and Sabine decided to meet the children regularly from that day on..and this is what they are doing up to now.

In the beginning the ILM meetings didn’t have a name but during a 'normal' church service God put “Impact Lives Club” on Sabine´s heart and from this point we baptised our meetings “Impact Lives Club" but as time went on and the ministry grew we changed the name to "Impact Lives Ministry” (ILM). At this point of time both the first ILM - Team Shirts got printed, a solid team established and a building for our weekly meetings rented .

From the first day of the meetings with theses vulnerable children God has blessed us and made the ministry grow from day to day. For example the church 'Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry' is supporting us since Day One by encouraging us but also by funding the bus that picks up the children from their homes and also drives them back home every Sunday so that they also have the chance to go to church.

Until now there are about 40 vulnerable children who come from a very unprivileged background who attend our meetings at Haatso, Accra, on a regular basis and are growing in the knowledge of God and do build relationships with each other that strengthens them.
God is impacting and transforming lives and this is what it is all about.

Since October 2015 Impact Lives Ministry is also in Nairobi, Kenya. Samuel Nii Abu Amasah initiated it by reaching out to many children in a slum called Mathare. The conditions of that slum are indescribable: The poorest of the poor are living! But now, about 200 children and teenagers are jumping for joy every Saturday as ILM has its meetings in the midst of it at a Slum church.

Impact Lives Ministry is still at its beginning but we know that greater things are yet to come.