Putting smiles on children's faces in the worst and darkest places.

A normal ILM-meeting...

Here are some expressions of a "normal" ILM-meeting:

Since it is our primary goal to build relationships, help children grow spiritually and personally and also leading them into missions, we have a lot of free-time where we play games, worship God with songs, dance and also share food or snacks!
Teaching children about the bible is crucial to us, because we believe that faith in God changes lives!  So, mostly, we split the kids into groups and share exciting stories of the Bible! 

We absolutely love meeting our kids, spreading hope through Jesus and giving to the needy!

Dream bigger

When we were in Kenya, the leaders of ILM sat together to talk through the vision of ILM, discuss challenges and rejoice over our testimonies!
Indeed, God has been faithful in the past!
Also, many teenagers attended the meeting because they said that they wanted to take over more responsibility from now and would love to support ILM in whatever way they can. That is such a blessing!
It´s been very encouraging to see the heartbeat of every single person who attended the meeting. They invest everything they have, to make a difference in every single child!

Please, keep praying for the ILM team in Kenya, but also in Ghana!!

Endlich in die Schule.

In Kenya ILM reaches out to more than 120 children every week! 
Jason, Hanna and I visited the base last December and it´s been a joy to see all these children jumping around, loving and singing with all their strength to Jesus, regardless of the challenges that they are confronted with every single day. For example, many of these children don´t have enough food on a regular basis and some of them live with parents or relatives who are addicted to alcohol or drugs...
We, as ILM, give them hope for a future: We build relationships with them, offer them porridge etc., help them with their academics and most of all introduce Jesus to them! We can see lives being transformed.

Here, on these pictures you can see six children who are part of us but up to now they could not attend school.
Now, we are trying our best to help them to go to school. Just lately, Mumbua was admitted to Primary School in Mathare and we could raise funds to pay for all of her school materials. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Our aim is to make that possible every child. If you want to be a part of this, you can contact us! Education is one of the keys for a brighter future. Help us making a change in their lives.

Just school materials = about 23 Euros
School fee varies from school to school.

Picture 1 (from left to right): Zelpon, Evelyn and Sharon.
Picture 2: Mutuku, Joseph and Mumbua.

Asante sana!

Blessings upon blessings

"This Saturday, 14th January 2017, we were able to renew our rent so now we can meet in the school for a whole year without worrying about rental issues.. praise God
We also were able to gather some clothes and shoes from the Charismatic Evangelistic Ministry, North Legon, by the help of Aunty Doris who is a Sunday School teacher, to give them to the children. Every child had more than enough to take home. They were so excited, glory to God.

We are most grateful to you for your support. God richly bless you. Keep praying for us for more volunteers to keep the ministry moving... Hallelujah!", posted by Mary Kotey (Team leader in Ghana)😊" (/

Training teenagers...

Jerry who was part of ILM since the very first day became a leader.
Now, we are training him so that he can grow in that new position as a leader and gain more leadership skills. For example, he is responsible for the games, looking after the children and helping us just wherever there is a need. Very soon he will share the bible story with the children, too.

He is doing a marvelous job, the children respect him
and we always have a lot of fun together. 

We pray that God may raise up leaders who are so much in love with Jesus in order to impact this world with His unconditional love. Please pray with us!

Looking back and planning the end of the year

“The 15th October 2016 was not an ordinary Saturday for us. We were busy and tense. All the preparation had been done. God had blessed us with the provision and the day was here with us. Impact Lives Ministry’s first year anniversary was a blessing. We cooked together, sang together, danced together, and ate together. There was an oneness in us that was impenetrable. I saw children happily sharing meals, chatting wholeheartedly, filled with joy. I saw a display of talent beyond my imagination. I saw children not limited by their environment. I saw potential world-beaters and I silently vowed to walk with them as they fulfill their lifelong dreams.“, Newman (Team leader in Kenya).

Before the year comes to an end we are planning to have a 'Chorals Day' where we will celebrate JESUS´s birthday by singing chorals, sharing food and simply enjoying fellowship with each other. 

We are very grateful for this past year. Indeed, God has done great things.

This month Impact Lives Ministry celebrates its first anniversary in Kenya!

We are planning to have a great party for our children with a lot of food, games, dance and a message about Jesus.

We can´t wait for it.
God is so good for He has made all this possible! All glory be unto Him.