Impact Lives Ministry

Putting smiles on children's faces in the worst and darkest places.

Looking back and planning the end of the year

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

“The 15th October 2016 was not an ordinary Saturday for us. We were busy and tense. All the preparation had been done. God had blessed us with the provision and the day was here with us. Impact Lives Ministry’s first year anniversary was a blessing. We cooked together, sang together, danced together, and ate together. There was an oneness in us that was impenetrable. I saw children happily sharing meals, chatting wholeheartedly, filled with joy. I saw a display of talent beyond my imagination. I saw children not limited by their environment. I saw potential world-beaters and I silently vowed to walk with them as they fulfill their lifelong dreams.“, Newman (Team leader in Kenya).

Before the year comes to an end we are planning to have a 'Chorals Day' where we will celebrate JESUS´s birthday by singing chorals, sharing food and simply enjoying fellowship with each other. 

We are very grateful for this past year. Indeed, God has done great things.

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