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When God opens a door, no one can shut it

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

In the past three years Impact Lives Ministry – Ghana met about 20 to 40 children every Thursday at Amazing Faith Academy Junior High School. Despite of various challenges children haven´t stop attending our meetings regularly.
But this September God has opened a wonderful door for us! 
In June we got to know Pastor Cosby Agyei who has a beautiful church building called Family House Chapel that is only a walking distance away from Amazing Faith Academy, our former meeting venue.
Nearby Pastor Coby´s church building there is a huge market place where so many families with a lot of children live and work. As entered that area for the very first time we just knew that this would be perfect place for ILM! When we had our first meeting at Family House Chapel we shared our vision and asked for allowance to meet there to reach out to more children. All that He responded was: “I just love your vision! You can start whenever you want to and I will also talk to my Sunday school teachers to work with you.” 
Although it took us some time to start our ILM meeting there we could launch ILM over there in September finally! Now, we don’t only reach out to about 20-40 children but to about 60 and more!

We are so grateful for what God is doing. This is what our heart beats for: We want to reach the lost, the ignored and rejected children and families! 

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